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  • December 2, 2008

ShoppingNotes.comA tool that greatly resembles ZingSale, what ShoppingNotes does is to notify you by e-mail whenever the price of any item you are interested in drops.

All you have to do in order to keep abreast of the latest discounts is to furnish the URL that you want ShoppingNotes to look through and a valid e-mail address to which notifications will be sent.

On the other hand, you can dispense with copying and pasting URLs if you install the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button which is included on the website.

Other than that, the site includes some of the hottest deals that have surfaced lately on the WWW, and you also sift through holiday shopping ideas in the event you need some inspiration.

In finishing, the site acts as an apt resource for bargain hunters and those who have to keep an eye on their finances. You can see it in action for yourself at

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