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More – Shopping The Micro-blogging Way

  • February 17, 2009

Sfeed.comTo put it in simple words, Sfeed is a shopping microblog that will allow anybody to share with friends and peers any finds he comes across on the web. Moreover, this service makes for creating visual lists of items so that site users can get their ideas across more effectively.

In true micro-blogging vein, users can follow others and find new products that they might like this way. Of course, full interaction is taken into account as site users can exchange their impressions on any given product, as well as leaving comments for all to take notice.

As regards the visual sets that were mentioned in the first paragraph, it is interesting to point out that items can be not only rescaled, but that backgrounds can be easily removed for aesthetic reasons.

By way of conclusion, Sfeed aims to bring people and products closer through a platform where items can be discovered and punters can freely express themselves. The ultimate aim seems to be creating a shopping community of its very own. You can join it in no time at all by following the link provided below and signing up.

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