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  • September 25, 2007

www.kaboodle.comShopping is more fun with friends, that’s for sure. If we go shopping together we can ask for advice when we can’t decide what to buy or wear.

But, can we help each other when shopping online? Kaboodle gives you the opportunity of sharing online shopping and more. In this site you can share recommendations and discover new things from their community. It’s totally free and lets you recommend and discuss your favorite products and stores and discover new things from people with similar taste and style. It can also simplify your life with wish lists and shopping lists, as well. There’s a great number of products, each one with its own description and highlights. You can join a conversation to give you opinion about a particular item and read what other people think about it too. In this website you’ll be able to find very complete lists organized in different categories such as: Style & Fashion, Home & Garden, and Gadgets & Gizmos. In People’s section you can find Recent Active Kaboodlers (most of them include photos) and you’re able to search for other people too. There’re many groups you can join which are created around your interests, passions, family or friends. They’re divided into many categories to help you search faster: Business & Finance, Computers & Internet, Cultures & Community, Entertainment & Arts, Family & Home, Games, Government & Politics, Health & Wellness, Collecting & Hobbies, Music, Recreation & Sports, Religion & Beliefs, Romance & Relationships, School & Education, Science, Shopping, and Travel. You can chose becoming part of one or easily creating a new one. There’re a lot of groups already available, related to everything you can think of. Some of them are called Beauty Addicts, Gamers Underground, The Art Group, Style Beyond Size, etc. This webpage allows you to search by already set groups or keyword. There’s also a Fun Stuff section in which you can find Polls. There, you’re able to share your input by voting on “Help Me Choose” polls created by other Kaboodlers, in which there’re pictures available for you to choose between. You can vote and also give him/her the reason why you choose that option. Besides, there’s a Style Compatibility Test in which you can find others in Kaboodle with similar taste and style and see how compatible you are with your friends. Check out Latest Blog Posts, Latest Deals & Discounts, and Latest Finds too.

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