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  • May 28, 2008 is the only shopping engine specifically tailored to performance automotive parts and accessories for cars and trucks. has the largest database of over 1 million parts from over 800 manufacturers. Enthusiasts find and research the parts they’re looking for, compare online retailers and ultimately make a purchase. Searching for auto parts online is very difficult due to “fitment” – will the part work on my car? Currently, semantic search (i.e. Google) and shopping engines (Pricegrabber, Shopzilla) lack the data to determine which parts will fit on which cars, so auto enthusiasts have a difficult time finding information on what to buy. Further, there are thousands of merchants that sell parts online and most only carry a few brands – most of which are hard to discover. The Shopping engine is rapidly becoming the glue between enthusiasts, brands and retailers. This is even more pronounced with integration into a number of enthusiast websites including, and many more.

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  • February 12, 2008

Stylefeeder.comIf you are the ones who love online shopping and want to know what people just like you thinks about the best online opportunities, is the perfect web site for you.

In you are going to find all kind of products which people think they are great. is a web site in which people add their comments about all the products they think are great to buy, and think they should share them with other users just like you. To know what others have seen great you need to enter the keyword in search engine, and you will find lot of greater things, as well as photos too. To post your comment you need to create an account first, and you can start shearing with others just like you all the fabulous things you have seen surfing on the web.

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