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  • June 4, 2008

ProductFeedManager.comSmartFeed Product Feed Manager is a multilevel marketing solution specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to many shopping comparison engines while tracking each shopping portals performance down to the click. With this SmartFeed solution, you can automatically import your store, send to different shopping portals, and review the inbound clicks.

Other features include a dynamic category mapper to eliminate wrongful product placement and a scheduler to allow Product Feed Manager to import from your store and build new feeds on its own. Product Feed Manager allows you to analyze your traffic to your site and make educated decisions on where to put your precious marketing dollars. They realize that small internet retailers have an uphill climb to expand their visibility and increase their sales. For this reason, they have designed this program for all internet retailers that are looking to expand their visibility where they could not previously, in a simple to use web based application that can be used anywhere.

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