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  • June 3, 2008 is the site of ShopNotes Magazine, which is a magazine written by woodworkers for woodworkers, and you will be able to find many woodworking plans, woodworking techniques, woodworking jigs, and more woodworking tools, with no ads to interfere with your reading.

This magazine offers within each issue full practical, hands-on woodworking information, and woodworking step-by-step plans for great woodworking projects. You will be able to find many sections, to subscribe, or to view a sample issue, or you can find out about giving a gift subscription to someone who could truly appreciate woodworking. There are sections for you to get a free preview issue, renew your subscription, enter the woodworking forum, or give your own tips to the magazine. There is a Magazine Customer Service section, where you will be able to find all about the account management, and if you seem to have a problem, you can contact the customer service representative, or even learn what you gain by submitting a tip.

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