More – A New Take On Location Services

  • August 23, 2010

Shopkick.comShopkick is exploring the true (and unused) potential that location-based services have when it comes to the marketing and promotion of products. You see, the iPhone app that is provided by this company takes the commercial aspect of location-based networking to a whole new level.

Instead of being rewarded with contextual information or virtual goods for their activity, the people who employ Shopkick are receiving tangible incentives in exchange for using the service, such as discount codes and coupons.

Furthermore, the technology that is used is a cut above the rest in the sense that it can not only detect that you are in a certain shopping mall – it can actually detect in which floor and store you are. As a matter of fact, it can even detect if you are in the changing room.

Each and every activity carried out though Shopkick results in you being rewarded “kickbucks” that you can then proceed to redeem for gift cards, coupons and Facebook credits. You get points for walking into a store, for scanning barcodes using your iPhone… And when you do so, you will also begin being recommended new deals and offers.

This app is also very interesting in the sense that you are not required to check-in to earn points. Just walking into the store will do. Is this the direction that location-based services are headed? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, you can get Shopkick’s app on the site and start experimenting a new modality of social shopping all by yourself.

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