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  • October 19, 2008

Shophilia.comThose who have a deeply-rooted liking for the world of online shopping are certain to milk a comparison resource like this one to the very last drop. Geared towards individuals with a “strange or abnormal attraction to shopping”, the Shophilia website aims to stand as the ultimate resource of its kind.

Whether it will fulfill this aspiration or not remains moot, but for the time being it must be said that it does what it sets out to do admirably well.

As one should expect, the site includes an “I’m shopping for…” search engine that will let you look up concrete items right away and start comparing prices. Of course, the obligatory list that is split into categories is featured, and these include characteristic products such as “Clothing & Accessories”, “Health & Beauty” and “Electronics”. As it is also the norm, the site highlights featured products on its main page.

Further search options include the ability to shop by brand and by department. Moreover, you can shop by store and by price. Finally, the Shophilia website includes buying guides and tips that will ensure you will pick the best deal around.

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