More – Organize All Your Recipes

  • January 5, 2011

ShopGlider.comShop Glider is a new tool for the organization of recipes and shopping lists. Users of Shop Glider are empowered to aggregate all such data in a unified way, and make it instantly accessible later on. Not only that, they will make that information instantly shareable with just whomever they like. Thanks to this site, both the members of their families and their friends will be able to know what to buy or cook in a mere matter of clicks. And arranging shopping trips together is also something that becomes a much easier proposition through this site.

A Shop Glider account can be created for free, and by filling a mere couple of fields at that. Your name, your desired username and your email address. That is all you are asked to supply. And once you have done it, you will be able to store all your shopping lists and recipes in a centralized location, and access them from wherever an Internet connection is available.

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