More – Celebrity News And Gossip

  • July 14, 2008

TheJjb.comFor girls who want to keep up with the celebrities’ world, here you will find a large number of message boards that allow you to discuss about topics related to the red carpet. Thejjb.

com is a forums website that is brought to you by Yuku, a company that focuses on providing its users with profiles, image sharing, blogs, and discussion boards. This site’s differential is that you can have up to five different profiles in an only account. This means you can connect and communicate with people many different ways, easily and safely. You don’t need to download anything to use Yuku’s services; all you need is an account, your profile, and your favorite internet browser. This site is particularly dedicated to the latest celebrity news, TV show spoilers, movie reviews, make-up tips, fashion advice, and girly gossip. At the homepage you will find the list of message boards available; they are divided in different categories, such as General, Pictures, Shopaholics Anonymous, and others. Click any of the titles within each category to get a clear idea about what do people in this community talk about.

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More – What People are Buying, and Why

  • May 4, 2008

Cliqck.comIt is a standard scene for a shopaholic- you make a new purchase, and you enthusiastically call everyone you know to brag about it. They, naturally, do not care.

Cliqck is a welcome forum for shopping enthusiasts and others who want to let the world know about their most recent acquisitions. Members write what they bought, and why. Responses range from “a meatball sub…because I am starving” to “Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, because I am an addict” to “particle board, to build a sub box.” Cliqck has introduced a widget to post the information to your blog, as well as the ability to make a post directly from your mobile phone.

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