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  • January 28, 2010

Shizzam.comShizzam is a questions and answers site in which you can post whatever you like and see if someone is kind enough to provide an answer to your query. In actuality, answering a question here is not born out of mere kindheartedness – experts that volunteer their insight are being paid for doing so.

And when you submit your question you actually set down how much you are offering for some illumination. The faster you want it answered, then the more you should offer to encourage others to come up with a satisfactory answer in due time.

Virtually anything can be asked here. From pet care and home improvement questions to requests for business and entrepreneurial advice, the site accommodates queries or every denomination. As long as you are not asking how to do something illegal, your question will be featured for all to take a look at and offer their own insight and perception.

And if you think you are a knowledgeable individual, this site will let you find it out once and for all. And generate something of an income in the process, too.

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