More – Personalizing Your Apparel

  • September 23, 2010

ShirtMockup.comShirt Mockup is a web-based service that will let you create a personalized T-shirt by merely uploading your art, and having it superimposed on a tee whose color can also be chosen at will. You can upload both JPG and GIF files that are no bigger than 300 KB.

So far, you can only choose from two different styles of T-shirts: “Standard” and “Distressed”. The idea is to eventually let you choose from lots more.

A service like this one will be beneficial in two clear cases. First, you will put this site to good use if you have always wanted to have a T-shirt with a design that is unique and you want to convey that to the person who has to design it in a way that leaves no room for misunderstandings.

And in second place, online retailer will be able to use the services of this company in order to give their customers far more options to choose from when shopping at their sites. After all, is there a better way to keep a customer engaged than giving him the chance to personalize the apparel he is buying to the last detail?

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