Could You Improve Your Ecommerce Site?

  • October 1, 2013

Ecommerce sites have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years with companies like eBay and Amazon dominating the field. That being said, many smaller companies that are just starting out, tend to fall to the way side in the shadow of these giants. While they have had years to grow and preen…


From Home to Warehouse: Starting Your eCommerce Business

  • September 27, 2013

Developing an eCommerce business from home could save you a great deal of money in the beginning. As you are already paying for the overhead of your house, the only large expense you should have is your purchase of inventory. Everything else is relatively cheap. Even the website itself shouldn’t cost you…


Are You Using the Most Ideal Shipping Software?

  • September 6, 2013

As a startup entrepreneur, you are probably working really hard to keep your business as streamlined and cost efficient as possible. It’s really hard to imagine, when you’re just opening your doors, that there will ever come a time when you won’t be able to manage every detail of every transaction all on your…


13 Ways To Fulfill Customer Orders Faster (And Smarter)

  • April 30, 2013

The value of customer service that a fulfillment center offers, as well as the savings it will bring you in the long run, cannot be compared to doing it yourself to save a few bucks. Fulfillment, if done, correctly can save you money. Think smarter, not harder. Look for centers central to your business for…

More – Apple Bottoms Brings the Best in Clothing for the Small to the Plus Sized

  • August 19, 2012 has paired up with Dr. Jays to bring the greatest in clothing for women and girls who want clothes to fit them, not clothes that they need to fit. Specializing in clothing that fits that woman who might have an Apple Bottom, a term used for women with a larger posterior, finds just the right style of jeans and dresses to fit those curves.

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More – The Top Site for Transportation

  • August 19, 2012

The foremost site for finding information on sea transportation of cargo may be This website is easy to navigate, and allows its customers to fully research the best options for their container shipping needs. One very useful function at is the ability to view all the routes provided by the company, as well as the corresponding charge to whatever the employer wishes to ship over that distance. Users can also find a useful guide that can help them select what shipping container best meets their needs, as well as other tips on how to safely pack their products for transport. Customers can also find a quick report option, which will consolidate all of their available data on their cargo into one efficient data package that will simplify the transportation process. Once a shipment is completed, customers can effortlessly look over their quick report and see detailed information on customs reports and present these data to colleagues effortlessly.

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More – Aramex Delivery And You

  • August 17, 2012

If you are looking for a great delivery company then you may be interested in Aramex. If you would like to find out if they can take care of your shipping needs, then make sure that you go on and see what they can do for you. If you choose to ship with them, you will be so happy with all that their site and company have to offer you. On the website you will be able to track your shipment, schedule a pickup, prepare a shipment and more. You can also calculate rates and get country information. They have a lot of great solutions if you are in the oil and gas industry and many other industries as well.

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More – Amazon In Japan For Your Shopping Needs

  • July 16, 2012

If you like to shop and you are in Japan then make sure that you go to the webpage for your shopping needs. The site is the Japanese version of and is a great site for just about everything that you could want. The only real difference is that the site is in Japanese instead of English and it ships to Japan easily unlike the regular Amazon site. At you can get everything from movies to clothes and everything in between. You can get food and Adidas sports gear and toys for your kids. They have all the video games and electronics that you want for yourself or for a gift for someone else.

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More – A Great Place To Shop

  • July 10, 2012

The website represents the company Almo, which distributes various appliances. On, customers are able to pursue and ultimately purchase some of the top consumer brands in the electronic market. The site offers top of the line service to its visitors and provides things like same day shipping and twenty-four hour online ordering. The website promises personalized services and first-rate customer care. At, visitors are able to search through digital catalogs that make shopping for a major appliance online very easy and hassle free. The digital catalogues allow for easy navigation, quick comparisons and a user-friendly experience that is far more efficient than shopping for a product in the stores. Instead of running from one store to the next to compare prices and bargain shop, you can get the best bang for your buck from the comfort of your living room with shopping on

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More – Save On Freight Costs

  • February 10, 2011

ShippersEdge.comA fully-featured software application, Shippers Edge has been devised to let users save on freight costs by coordinating logistics across different departments and locations.

Shippers Edge is an application that can be used by companies of every size – it works with carriers of every type, and all kinds of shipments can be managed and dropped through it. Bills of Lading can be created, orders and route tracks can be consolidated and if any flag problem should happen then you will be able to have it solved pretty quickly.

Of course, Shippers Edge comes with extensive reporting capabilities. As a user of this software, you will be able to measure the efficiency of your whole fleet, and realize where and how there is room for improvement.

Best of all, a scalable approach to pricing means that the cost of Shippers Edge depends on the actual shipment counts and the different functionality levels that are to be implemented. A basic package costs approximately $ 100.

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More – A Marketplace For Shipping Services

  • October 20, 2010

ShipByOwner.comWe can define Ship By Owner as an online shipping, moving and transportation marketplace. On this site, people can list items that they need to get shipped such as cars, boats, furniture and equipment of every kind. Then, transporters are able to place their bids. The one whose quote is accepted by the user is the one who is rendering the service.

Ship By Owner is a free site for everybody. The site can be joined at no cost, and items can also be listed for free. All that you (as the poster) need to do is to input your ZIP code, and add both your point of origin and the place that the item has to be taken to.

It is important to mention that all the featured transporters are licensed and insured. And since an indexed directory is provided, you will be able to browse through them and get to know each one better before any bidding takes place. You will be able to see their credentials and read as many testimonials as you need in order to make up your mind.

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More – Trade Intelligence At Its Best

  • August 30, 2010

TradeIntelligency.comAs you can tell by its name, this is a company devoted to providing trade intelligence services which aim to let any user get ahead of his competitors. The core service that is provided is the tracking of shipments.

That is, if you are a tradesman you will be capable of figuring out what is being shipped by rival suppliers, and to whom. And you will likewise be able to have your very own shipments (and shippers) analyzed. For example, you will be capable of knowing who else do they ship for, how frequently and how much.

All the import and export data obtained by Trade Intellegency is updated every two days. In each and every case, information such as the departure and arrival dates of shipments is provided along with the names of ports, the numbers of the relevant Bills of Lading and the numbers of containers. Also, the name and the address of the corresponding Notify party will be disclosed.

The uses that such data can be put to are obvious. You can get ahead of your competitors by working out their selling patterns, and getting right in the game they are playing. You will be able to identify new customers, new suppliers and also monitor your risk management.

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More – A Marketplace Of Shipping Services

  • February 8, 2010

CitizenShipper.comIn case you want to move, or if you are looking for shipping services for something specific, Citizen Shipper could be a good site to visit. This site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to finding motorcycle transportation services. Take a look at this site in case you want to find good furniture shipping services.

Additionally, there are different benefits provided by when it comes to finding reliable motorcycle transportation services. This site allows you to find all kinds of shipping options, ranging from furniture shipping to household goods shipping. This site was created to provide you with quality shipping services without paying cargo insurance fees. is the site you should stop by in case you want to find quality motorcycle transportation services. Then, whenever you need resources and information about how you can find good furniture shipping services, you can try out.

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