More – Save On Freight Costs

  • February 10, 2011

ShippersEdge.comA fully-featured software application, Shippers Edge has been devised to let users save on freight costs by coordinating logistics across different departments and locations.

Shippers Edge is an application that can be used by companies of every size – it works with carriers of every type, and all kinds of shipments can be managed and dropped through it. Bills of Lading can be created, orders and route tracks can be consolidated and if any flag problem should happen then you will be able to have it solved pretty quickly.

Of course, Shippers Edge comes with extensive reporting capabilities. As a user of this software, you will be able to measure the efficiency of your whole fleet, and realize where and how there is room for improvement.

Best of all, a scalable approach to pricing means that the cost of Shippers Edge depends on the actual shipment counts and the different functionality levels that are to be implemented. A basic package costs approximately $ 100.

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