More – Recover Funds From Late Deliveries

  • December 13, 2010

PackageFox.comPackage Fox is a service for the tracking of expedited shipments. Using it, anybody can stay on top of all the packages that he sends using such a priority option and learn exactly when they make it to their destination. And that is extremely useful not only because the one sending the package out can realize that it was indeed received, but also because any person who pays for an expedited delivery is actually entitled to claim his money back if the package has arrived late. Do you begin to see why this site is so interesting?

And it gets even better, as Package Fox can actually take care of recovering the funds from these deliveries for you. That is, in addition to tracking late arrivals Package Fox can initiate the claims that are in order.

So, Package Fox can identify late deliveries, submit all the relevant claims and follow up until the refund money is nestled in your pocket (or your shipping account, to be more exact).

The services that can currently be tracked like this include both FedEx and UPS.

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More – Ship Whatever You Need For Less

  • October 21, 2010

Shiply.comShiply is a platform that is available for our friends in Europe. It makes for sending packages all over the continent through shippers and transporters with some unused space on their vehicles that they want to profit from. These agree to undertake the job after submitting their own quotes for you to consider.

These are all insured shippers, and the idea is that connecting with them directly will let you reduce costs considerably. And the transporters themselves are also getting a great deal since they are maximizing any unused space that they might have in their vehicles, and get a little more money from their assignments. As the tagline of the site so aptly puts it, they are “going there anyway”.

To create a listing, you must specify what it is you want to ship, where it is that you are located (by submitting the name of town and its post code), and then the place you need it moved to. Your listing will then go live, and shippers will be able to get in touch with you.

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More – Trade Intelligence At Its Best

  • August 30, 2010

TradeIntelligency.comAs you can tell by its name, this is a company devoted to providing trade intelligence services which aim to let any user get ahead of his competitors. The core service that is provided is the tracking of shipments.

That is, if you are a tradesman you will be capable of figuring out what is being shipped by rival suppliers, and to whom. And you will likewise be able to have your very own shipments (and shippers) analyzed. For example, you will be capable of knowing who else do they ship for, how frequently and how much.

All the import and export data obtained by Trade Intellegency is updated every two days. In each and every case, information such as the departure and arrival dates of shipments is provided along with the names of ports, the numbers of the relevant Bills of Lading and the numbers of containers. Also, the name and the address of the corresponding Notify party will be disclosed.

The uses that such data can be put to are obvious. You can get ahead of your competitors by working out their selling patterns, and getting right in the game they are playing. You will be able to identify new customers, new suppliers and also monitor your risk management.

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More – Access Star-Quality Freight

  • June 18, 2008

Landstarbroker.comThrough this site you can have star-quality freight at your fingertips. LandstarBroker.

com brings you 100 percent Landstar freight; that means the best freight headed in your direction. At this site no registration is necessary, and you can browse the site’s Load Board. This way, when you see something you like, you just have to call the agent listed and go. Flexible opportunity is the key to The Load Board offers you more search opportunities so you can make the best decisions for your business. You can also post your available trucks so everybody can find you. Click the link at the homepage to register and give Landstar agents the opportunity to find you. In addition to posting your available capacity and viewing Landstar’s available loads, you can now report your shipment status updates via the website. Click the Status Update link to report updates, and navigate through other site’s sections by clicking the links above.

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More – Complete Business Service Center

  • June 10, 2008

AIMmail.comAIM Mail Centers is a sort of reloaded version of the traditional post office, set to fit the 21th century business and snail mail needs; this franchise network with locations throughout the country reunite in one same place shipping services for some the largest private courier providers, plus eBay consignment services, alongside with packaging and stamps to get the packages going. You can also get them to fax in or out any documents, make copies, sell you office supplies or help you get notary services, as well as receive your packages much in the way a P.

O. box works, only it’s a real US address. The site is very poor in terms of design, and could certainly use some additional features, like allowing users to view faxes online or get alerts whenever something arrives in their mail box; you can, however, check your UPS or FedEx shipment status using the links provided, or find out what the closest AIM Mail Center to your home is.

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Borla.Com – The World’s Winning Exhaust

  • May 30, 2008

Borla.ComBORLA provides world-class exhaust products which surpass the expectations of their customer. They own a state-of-the-art and development center where they are continually improving their manufacturing efficiency and standards.

They have pioneered a variety of improvements in design of performance exhaust systems. The performance advantages of a BORLA are widely recognized. The top engine builders in the racing world rely on BORLA exhaust for maximum performance. At the top of the homepage you will find some useful categories such as Cat-Back Exhaust and Headers, XR-1 Racing Exhaust, Universal Mufflers Tubing and Hardware, Polished Tips, and BORLA Apparel. It is recommended to have your BORLA professionally installed, however, if you choose to do it yourself, anticipate approximately two hours for a system install and approximately six hours for header installation. Compare the shipment contents with the ship list before you begin, and make sure the tip line up, working and tightening toward the front of the vehicle. Borla.Com

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More – Online shipping marketplace

  • November 13, 2007

Uship.comThis new web site is very much like any other auction service, only it focuses on shipping. On the credits page you can learn that it is frequent that big cargo companies have extra room which is usually unused, and that is basically the storage and moving space that is sold in this site.

The process is very simple: you have to register as a member and post what it is that you want to ship, origin and destination and required dates, and afterwards, shippers that have room for your stuff will bid for the possibility to bear your extra load in their unused space, so it really is a win-win situation for both parties, in so as much as the customer will get cheaper rates while not having to pay to for finding the cheapest rates on the market (it’s the carrier who gets charged), while shipping companies get to earn some extra money for using up free space.

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