More – A New Tool For Sharing The Web

  • October 26, 2009

Sharetops.comEnjoying the social web is a field which is still bound to see some major developments. Networking sites are at the top of their game now, and Twitter will still make waves for a long, long time.

And there is such an amount of information on offer that finding ways in which that data can be accessed are mandatory. The site under review right now serves that very same function.

Its tagline is “Share your Web with the World”. In general terms, we can define it as a platform whereby virtual desktops are shared. That is, users can share their viewpoint of the World Wide Web, and let others realize how they see the Internet. Experiences are thus shared, and then people can network in a very representative fashion – everybody sees a live snapshot of the way others access the social web and what they do there.

The ultimate idea, then, is creating something akin to a collection of living web pages that connect every internaut and the way he or she experiences the WWW. The approach is an interesting one. If a minimum of interest is generated and a certain number of users are accrued, it will have something of a clear chance. You can get started by following the link which is displayed below, and see whether or not it clicks with you.

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