More – Making Social Networking Personalized

  • January 8, 2010

ShareGrove.comShareGrove is a new service that can be termed a social networking solution which makes for fully interacting with others in real time, and in as personalized and private a setting as you could want. Through such a tool you can engage others in conversation and share not only images and video files but whole sites.

Every single person who is taking part of the conversation sees the very same thing that you do, and can comment on it effortlessly.

The one advantage ShareGrove has over other services (most notably IM) is that the content which is shared is actual web content, integrated through search functions that are built-in. Moreover, when using ShareGrove you have permanent access to your Facebook friends – a list is provided at all times for you to click about and make the corresponding connections.

Registration to the site comes at no cost, and it is mandatory if you want to start a conversation of your very own. You can, however, take part of conversations that you are invited to even if you are not a ShareGrove user.

Future enhancements will include a mobile app for launching conversations from your smartphone – currently, the way this tool can be used on a mobile is limited to some of its basic functionalities.

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