More – Share Your Folders

  • August 5, 2011

SharedSafe.comWhy pay for online storage space when you can use the space that comes with your email instead? That’s the idea from which this new application sprung into life. Named Shared Safe, it enables users to resort to their existing email storage in order to both synchronize and share folders with his friends, acquaintances and colleagues. This is an application that lends itself both to personal and professional uses, with the same simplicity.

As it is only fit, all the files that one stores and shares like this are encrypted. And nobody gets to see them without the express consent of the user. In no case are the keys stored online.

The Shared Safe application is currently available for Windows. You can download the latest version on the site, and have it installed without having to exert yourself that much. And while Shared Safe is in beta, you will be able to use it for free. When the license the app comes with when you download it expires (after 90 days), then you can get a new one at no cost. And so on.

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