More – A Notepad Substitute

  • February 17, 2010

iTinyPad.comIf you like the simplicity of Window’s default NotePad but feel that it could do with just one or two more options, then giving this application a try should be the next item in your agenda. TinyPad is exactly that: a tool that feels like NotePad with a few bells and whistles.

For example, it comes complete with a tabbed system for giving everything more clarity and accessibility. And this app has a true social bent since you can upload the notes you have taken and share them with a community that interacts at Of course, the process of uploading the files in order to share them also doubles as an effective backup process, so that you are killing two birds with the same stone.

This social aura is strengthened by the fact that Twitter is already integrated. You can have TinyPad retrieve your tweets and use them as part of your text, and in that way save the hassle of looking them up manually.

As I said at the beginning, this is NotePad with a few enhancements. But I think we will agree these enhancements are invariably useful ones, and they will be something more than one user would welcome willingly.

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