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  • May 24, 2010

SharedLikes.comIf you have always been one of those who revel being part of a group and in the feeling of moving with a crowd, then I guess that you are making the best out of Facebook’s “Like” button. And I know for sure that you are going to enjoy this site, too.

Named SharedLikes, it will let you realize which things you and your friends on the popular network have mutually liked.

The main page lets you see directly what you and your pals have liked on sites such YouTube, Flickr and CNN, whereas you can also keep a close watch on blogs like Perez Hilton.

And in case your favorite site is not already included on the main list, that is no reason to worry at all. A provided search functionality will let you look it up on the spot, and see if any of your Facebook acquaintances have also professed a liking for it.

The site is usable at no cost whatsoever, and all you have to do is sign in using your Facebook credentials.

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