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More – Social Network with Collaborative Focus

  • September 11, 2007

Jeroo.comIndeed, there are already tons of social networking sites floating around etherspace; and yes, today’s younger generation are extremely adept at navigating around several different networks. Despite that, newcomer Jeroo, claims to be different, and therefore, worth looking at.

Its focus is truly on the social aspect of the network. Unlike your Myspaces and Facebooks, you actually have to know someone’s email address to invite them to join the site—in other words, you really actually have to be someone’s real world friend, to be someone’s Jeroo friend. You cannot search for someone’s info outside your own friend network. That being said, once you do develop your own circle of friends, family, etc, you get one shared space to show off your pics, listen to music, and watch videos. Individual pages don’t exist. Everything within Jeroo has to do with shared spaces and environments.

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