More – Use Facebook To Get More Traffic

  • September 17, 2010

Sharebacks.comSharebacks is a new service that you can use in order to bring more traffic into your site. How? By tapping into the most-visited site on the planet right now: Facebook.

Using Sharebacks you will be able to start a conversation there, and have the ensuing exchange of opinions published on your site for all to see and participate.

The idea is that by letting people contribute their own insight along with media and links they will stay much longer on your site. The retention of users is always a big concern for webmasters, and a service such as this one simplifies the whole process of turning what is just a casual visitor into an interested reader of your content.

The Sharebacks component is already available for the vast majority of blogging and publishing platforms used today. These include WordPress, Bloggr, Tumblr and Typepad. And comprehensive instructions for installing Sharebacks and getting it to work as it should the first time around are thankfully provided, too. You’ll be up and running before you notice.

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