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More – Sharing Media From Your Desktop

  • December 15, 2008

CloudFireIt.comCloudFire is a new solution that makes for sharing multimedia contents straight from your desktop, dispensing with the need to upload anything and related considerations.

This is accomplished by creating a web address for instant sharing.

There is no need to reorganize or transcode anything – you specify the people you want to share your contents with, and they can access the folders and albums from anywhere there is a web-enabled computer.

In addition to sharing files straight from your desktop, applications like iTunes and iPhoto are accounted for, duly broadening the scope of this solution.

CloudFire is available both to Windows and Mac users, and system requirements are enumerated online. The latest version can be procured at the site, and you can try it for free during a 30-day period. Once this period has finished, you can register for a flat yearly rate that is set down on the site.

All in all, this is a good product for those who can’t afford lengthy waits uploading files, yet are forced to do so due to their nature of their occupations. And the rest of us are going to relish the added flexibility it brings.

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