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More – Creating Widgets In A Supple Fashion

  • February 11, 2009

Dijit.comIf you are looking into ways of sharing and broadcasting media such as video and music across the social network of your choice, this site is more than likely to sort you out. In principle, it lets you create widgets that go by the name of “Dijits” and embed these wherever you want – not just social networks, but also webpages and blogs.

As it is only appropriate, these widgets can be fully customized in order to suit the tone of any given portal, blog or network. Aspects such as the color and the shape can be fully modified along with the skin itself.

When it comes to the actual contents you can share, the service makes for distributing not only public domains contents but also your own media, and sell it this way. Users can even download media to their mobile phones for added flexibility.

This service is still in an early stage, but anybody can already create a dijit for free at the site. Suggestions and recommendations are not only accepted but very welcome by the team, so that if you have any idea as regards how to make the creation process suppler contact the team at [email protected] and tell them about it.

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More – Bookmark All your Media

  • January 26, 2008

Podchains.netPodchains is a web-based app that allows users to bookmark “already-online” media of any kind and then construct an RSS feed around the bookmarked items, to which any number of persons can subscribe to with iTunes or any other Podcatcher. The main listed applications are just for fun, that is: to share the stuff you enjoy with the people around you.

Another cool market niche is for those people who manage podcasts and publish them on a regular basis, so all they have to do is upload/bookmark the stuff, and the site will do all the letting know by itself. However, what I reckon is the most profitable area is for work teams that organize their task on an alert basis, that is: a group of people that needs to know when something is published and available, and have it hosted in a dependable server that don’t crashes regularly, like radio correspondents or music performers who play on a band.

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