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  • August 16, 2009

EmberApp.comPeople who create different models or patterns as well as other interesting designs will be attracted to this site. Those who are in the search of an appealing solution that gives them the opportunity to share their designs with a great number of people will find on the right site to make others know about the WebPages or screenshots they create in addition to their most interesting design or illustrations, and more. In essence, this site is built specially for creative people that might be looking for an application that allows them to create an online attractive design scrapbook or portfolio.

You are going to enjoy to take a look at the site’s preview because the services you will find on it are really attractive. You just need to give the site a visit and take a look at its many attractive features. Among these features you will find the possibility to share your images very easily as well as to publish them from anywhere you might be at. Other features include the posibility to get in touch with other users being alerted when they are going to make uploads.

If you want explore this site you just need to browse through Ember and see what is being uploaded. On this site you will learn more about great designs you are going to find highly attractive and if you want to get more information about them just give the site a visit and you ill not regret it.

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