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More – An Invasion Of PSP Scams

  • March 25, 2008

Apple-ipodstart.comWhenever I see a site like this one, I can’t stop trying to figure out how much people are falling for it: their traffic numbers are not that nice, but there is a big network of sites like this one, so I guess they are really making some bucks out of it. In this particular case, the site offers users to download iTunes for free, though if you follow the links, you’ll get asked for your email, and only after that you’ll get informed about your one-time-only fee for support issues.

The site claims you’ll be able to download stuff from the iTunes store for $0.99, which seems strangely similar to the exact same amount iTunes charges for downloading stuff from their site, so at that point one is left wondering what the added value to what the trustworthy apple platform is, and here’s the surprise: instant technical support, tutorials and step-by-step guides for more than 20 apps which you can get as 30-day trials. These apps, as per what can be read in the homepage are nothing but video iPod converters, codec packs, and anti SpyWare software, the exact same ones which you can get from any other site in the internet, and for free. Hardly a bargain, if you ask me. But it gets even better: a minuscule-print ad at the bottom of the site indicates that “If you are a member and need support please contact us and not the software owner”, and even better “If you are an advanced computer user, you probably don’t need our services”. Let’s hope these sites can once and for all find a way of making money that does not involve tricking people and/or insulting their intelligence.

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More – Yet another P2P Scam?

  • March 1, 2008 is a site that offers unlimited access to a database of 17 billion files of music, videos and applications.

When first entering the site, you can see a number of signs that indicate that you won’t be charged any download fees, plus lots of signs telling you that you can burn you own CDs to listen in your car and other uses. At least this service doesn’t claim to offer legal music downloads, which is something lots of similar services do indicate. Once you click the ‘Download’ button, you are redirected to a site where your name and email is requested, and only after you’ve filled in that information you are presented with the fact that you have to pay for your membership, and you can choose to pay for a lifetime membership ($32), or a minimum of a yearly subscription ($17.88). Searching for this site’s URL in any search engine will reveal it is considered to be a scam P2P, in as much as you will get access to the material they advertised, exactly the same you would if you were to do it via Ares, eMule, Limewire or the p2p platform of your choice. Also, the fact that the site does not answer to the accusations it is presented with make it particularly fishy. Let’s hope these sites come clean once and for all and find a way of making money that does not involve tricking people.

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