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  • September 14, 2007

www.Shutterfly.comAre you looking for a fast, easy and great place to develop your digital pictures? Are you looking for a place to share your photos? Then check out this site. Shutterfly considers that people are always looking for a way to express themselves or to pass their memories on to future generations.

By registering, the site offers people the opportunity of sharing their photos with their friends and family, or to the community. The site is organized by categories such as add pictures, view and enhance, share online, order prints, and shutterfly store. You can upload all the pictures that you want and they won’t be deleted. The site also offers easy to use online tools where you can enhance, remove red eyes, improve color, include a personal caption, and you can also include borders where you can choose from a huge variety. Sharing your prints is very easy; your family members don’t need to be registered to view your pictures. Shutterfly offers its members the opportunity of creating their own personal web address to upload their photos and create a blog where your family can post comments. The store is arranged by products, solutions and what shutterfly recommends.

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