More – Discuss and Chat on the WTA

  • July 29, 2007

Wtaworld.comDon’t you just love seeing and hearing Maria Sharapova play? Maybe you hate her constant grunting and like the Williams sisters? Or other members of the Russian Legion? is a discussion board where you can write about anything and I mean ANYTHING that is related to women’s tennis.

The site is divided into several forums: the General Messages, where you can talk about upcoming tournaments, make your winning predictions or even post pictures and the users may create funny captions for them; Non Tennis, where you can discuss everything else, from Harry Potter to the Tour de France and Britney Spears; if you are tired of other player’s fans trash talking about your favourite player, you can head to the Player Forums, where each famous player has a forum dedicated to her, where you can talk freely without having to curse at other people. Finally, you can also check out the Blast form the Past forum and talk about our old favourites like Chris Evert or Billie Jean King.

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