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More – Staying Fit Wherever You Are

  • April 6, 2009

FitFindr.comFitFindr can be termed a new service that is aimed at those at looking for fitness and sports groups in their close vicinity. It can’t be denied that having someone to exercise with is not only more enjoyable but also a good practice from a motivational point of view.

The full list of featured groups ranges far and wide. These even include martial arts and yoga along with the ones that were to be expected like running, basketball and football.

Of course, in addition to joining groups that have been created by others you can create a group of your own in the event that the place you live in is underrepresented, or if you want to take the first step towards promoting any given activity.

Summing up, a very nice resource that will break down any barrier or excuse that you might have as regards training and getting in shape. Now that the weather is starting to shine upon us, this site will let you get in touch with nature, socialize, and shape up at the same time. And that is certainly commendable.

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