More – Shambala Vision And Lineage

  • June 12, 2008

Shambhala.orgAt they believe every human being has wisdom and goodness inside themselves; however, this human nature can be covered by egotism and fear when people go through some life situations.

For this reason they believe active meditation helps humankind developing spiritual awareness and therefore wellness. The Shambhala’s roots belong to Buddhism, nevertheless the former is fresher enabling people of all traditions practice it. Its aim is to help people connecting with the natural power and the energy above. Following this path people can bring compassion into their lives and improve the whole human society. At the web site there are many links on the top of the webpage, such as: meditation, about Shambhala, teachers, programs and centres, community, and members, among others. Within the meditation section there are introductory programs, teaching libraries, as well as the most frequently asked questions about meditation. There is also relevant information about Buddhism, as well as a brief description of the path, and social service.

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