More – Let The Audience Speak

  • February 25, 2011

A plug-in that integrates with PowerPoint, ShakeSpeak lets audiences become an active part of any presentation and answer the questions that the speaker wishes to put their way. This is done by SMS and via Twitter. The questions are posed, and then they have their say via their preferred method. All the answers that materialize will be anonymously displayed on the big screen that the presenter is using, and they will be further discussed. Who knows, maybe they will form the basis for future questions…

ShakeSpeak is a paid service. If you envision yourself using it every now and then only, you can buy credits and use them for each session you want to start. On the other hand, monthly subscriptions are available for those who plan to use ShakeSpeak regularly.

And a free version of the service is likewise provided, and it will let you try it out with up to five different participants at the same time.

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