More – Photo Effects For iPhone Users

  • January 11, 2010

ShakeItPhoto.comThe range of iPhone apps is never ending, and I am acquainted with more than a handful of people that grunt their disapproval at anything which is not revolutionary. While I do understand that attitude, I also think apps letting you have some good-natured fun are necessary in the same way that a computer game or two offers some respite from the toll of work, and let you renew your strength and concentration in order to carry on with your tasks.

That is the one aim this new app has for certain. You see, it will enable you to take a picture using your iPhone’s camera as you have always done, but once the picture has been taken it will not appear immediately on your screen. Rather, it will slowly fade in as if it were a Polaroid. And you can shake your iPhone for added realism.

Such an app is good fun for sure. It is not “even better than the real thing” as U2 used to sing, but it is good for letting your hair down for a while. Or for entertaining your sons and letting them know what was the norm way back when you were young.

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