More – Creating Sinister URLs

  • February 25, 2010

ShadyURL.comIt looks like I am not the only person on Earth that has had it with the endless number of URL shorteners that do absolutely the same, and claim to be the biggest thing since Swiss Cheese came along. The ones who created this service obviously did it as a way to mock these URL shorteners, and I believe that they hit the bull’s eye right in the center.

You see, this service will not shorten any URL you throw at it. Rather, it will make it longer. And more sinister and macabre. For example, when I tried it out with some results included “” and (my personal favorite) “—START-RECORD–_r4q4d_blackmarket”. These are just two examples – the ones who were politically-correct enough so as to be reproduced here. There were some really nasty ones about immigrants, but there is no need to print that again – I think the two I pasted above give you a good idea of what to expect from this tool.

Of course, nobody is going to use this regularly, but that is besides the point. URL shorteners are boring and potentially harmful too. If you must create your own, give it a twist or some incredible new functionality. Otherwise, what’s the use?

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