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  • September 22, 2009

ServeMeHere.comIn a nutshell, Serve Me Here is a new solution that makes it possible for anybody to find a service provider where he lives, and then make an online appointment. That is, this system means that an appointment can be made by doing little more than lifting a finger and sending a communication.

And the services can be enjoyed wherever you want, too, hence the name of the service. You can schedule a manicure session in your office, learn a language during your lunch break… the possibilities are endless.

As you could imagine, it is possible to sign up either as a professional or as a client. The process is quite straightforward in any case, and no fees have to be paid. The service is free on the whole, and all 50 States in the Union are duly covered.

Using the site is also a smooth task, and all the search capabilities you could think for are accounted for as you can find professionals by categories and also browse through the professionals which are featured on the main page. The categories, incidentally, include “Take Care For Me”, “Do It For Me” and “Teach Me” among others.

Once the service has been rendered, you can proceed to leave a rating for others to take into account. Obviously, that will constitute the backbone of the whole system as time goes by and an active community gathers.

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