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If you have to use your computer for any multimedia project, this new website can turn out to provide more than enough backing. In essence, it is a browser-based sequencer that can be employed in order to create not only music and audio clips but also media such as ringtones. The sequencer comes complete with a mixtable which enables you to do loop edition as well as automating any track that you are creating. I find it amazing how...

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Community sites that are geared towards musicians are nothing new. Neither are sites that give the collaborative process the Web 2. 0 treatment, and that let members of the online community come up with pieces and remixes of their own. As well as collaborating over the web and procuring feedback this way, musicians who use this particular site are able to employ an online sequencer that enables them to create music with those who are...

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Indomite Music and are a combination of a fully functional desktop recording studio software and an online Web 2.0 community application. intends to break the limitation facing artists in their quest to create and distribute their music. will allow every artist to connect with other artists all over the world with similar musical preferences regardless of geographical relation.

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