More – Squidbids- Branding Your eBay Store

  • October 6, 2007

Squidoo.comSquidoo has launched a site that lets eBay sellers promote their products or store. If you are eBay obsessed Squidbids.

com is a good site for you to visit. allows eBay sellers to brand themselves so that people will have confidence in their items and buy from them because they have a good reputation. almost serves as a website for your online auctions or store. Simply enter your eBay seller name or store name and indicate what you sell and you are on your way. You have a space where you can upload photos, receive ratings, give a description about your store or products along with reasons why it is great, and there is a space for comments. gives you the tools to show clients more about your store and create a stronger bond. Create a brand for your eBay store at

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