More – Online Property Auctions With A Twist

  • July 27, 2009

IBidCondo.comiBidcondo can be accurately defined as a ground-breaking online property auction where you will be allowed to sell or buy your properties without reserve prices. This is a solution that will allow you to donate a percentage of the auctions to a registered charity.

Due the fact that it is great to find the appropriate properties to make good deals iBidcondo is highly effective when it comes to providing you with the chance to find an efficient and traditional property auction. Why are this site and system so interesting? Simply because they were designed with the intention to give you the chance to make use of them without any trouble.

iBidCondo Auctions has an average auction of $100 and the number of seats sold is actually determined by the property’s list price. The way you can successfully use this solution is by having the highest unmatched bid when the Auction hammer goes down.

You do not have to worry about the fact that the Auction might be cancelled for any reason because Auction Seat’s purchases are fully refundable to the purchaser. iBidCondo can be considered as a highly convenient option for both property buyers and sellers because it is highly secure and easy to use.

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More – Your New Car

  • April 29, 2009

TrueCar.comThe service given by is based in adding the confidence that is sometimes absent when you are planning to buy a new car. This is done by choosing a bunch of certified car dealers willing to tell you why any vehicle costs what it costs. In this way, you are sure the information is not biased (something that might happen when you?re talking to a salesman at a car lot). works with a search engine that will give you results by make or model, type, or price of the car you are looking for. From the start, the website prompts you to enter your zip code to define your area, so the results will be near you. An automatic curve graphic will be showed to you, with average, high and low prices for the car you looked up.

Just a few clicks more will show three different car dealers for you to select the price you prefer. In less than 24 hours, as the site promises, a dealer representative will call you to set up a no obligation appointment.

You can rest assured that TrueCar certifies the car dealers who enter their network, which spans over 5000 throughout the United States. The advantage offered by this webpage works both ways; buyers find true information on car prices when they need to buy one, whereas car dealers sell at lower prices but gain market share.

This new company which was founded in 2005 has managed to sell over 200,000 vehicles in a few years. It appears as it deserves a good vote of confidence from possible users, so you won’t regret, at least, paying a visit to in case you are considering buying a car.

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More – Electronics Goods

  • March 16, 2009

ElectronicImporters.comOn this website you have the unique opportunity to find very high standard and quality electronic products, with the best prices, and guarantees.

This site was created in order to provide a wide variety of names and contact details from the main importers and exported of electronic products from many countries of the world.

Among the many articles you will be able to find on this site, you can find accessories, equipments and many other things.

The site works as a directory that can be used in many languages. Among the many things you can find on this site are: electronic consumer goods, electronic components, as well as computer hardware, and software, in addition to audio and visual projectors, as well as laboratory instruments.

If you want to learn more about all the safety and security issues you need to know about, this is a very good online resource for you to do that. One of the best things about this website is the fact that it connects you with Belgian importers, as well as German and Japanese importers, and many others.

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NetBret.Com – Effective Real Estate Search

  • February 3, 2009

NetBret.ComAt this website you will be able to take a look at a simple way of receiving information in order to find the properties you are looking for. Netbret.

com is directly related to the West Virginia real estate market.

By using the utilities this solution, you will be able to find many properties for sale in the Charleston and Huntington areas.

If you decide to use this company’s services, you will be able to get the full Charleston and Huntington WV area listings available for you 24 hours a day.

Additionally, you will get the best results from the free mls search. All the listings updated on daily basis.

Now you do not have to be bothered with pre approvals or annoying things like that. This system makes it easy for you because it just eliminates the question about how much you can afford.

You do not have to wait anymore for the magazines to come. Now you will save time by receiving a reduced listing on the properties that fit to you the best, available on the Charleston or Huntington area.


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More – Buying Leads And Options

  • January 13, 2009 is a site where suppliers and buyers will be able to do business.

The way this site works is very simple: It just connects those who are selling the product or service with those who want to pay for it. In this way both buyers and seller will save money and time maximizing their satisfaction. By using a number of advertising methods, the company produces very effective leads allowing buyers to choose from five different options of the products they are looking for, as well as to buy form the supplier they wish.

By browsing at the categories section, users will find useful tools about auto insurance, group business insurance plans, as well as dental and vision insurance. Additionally users can take a look on the office equipment category to see office equipments, and fill a form in order to be able to get access to options about color copiers, document imaging systems, fax machines, plotters and many other products.

The company also provides an offline live chat where you can leave a message with all the questions you may want to ask about the service.

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More – Where The Real Estate Business Belongs

  • July 3, 2008

REOTrans.comREO Trans, LLC. provides technology solutions to institutional sellers and foreclosed homes. On this website you will find foreclosure listings you can browse, in order to find HUD homes in your area. The real estate services provided doesn’t include for sale by owner homes, instead of that offers foreclosed properties marketed by banks and institutional sellers.

With you can search the foreclosure listings for foreclosed homes throughout the US. REO services are offered by this company, including short sale of repossessed homes and foreclosed properties. Agents selling real estate and buyers can benefit from this site, as it features real time foreclosure listings.

You can visit whenever you need information about foreclosed properties. For sale by owner properties are not featured on this site, buy you can browse the foreclosure listings and find HUD real estate. REO services are offered, so feel free to check the foreclosure listings.

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More – Find Incredible Agents

  • June 19, 2008

IncredibleAgents.comIf you are buying or selling your home it is important to find a qualified and experienced real estate agent so you can make decisions that you won’t regret. IncredibleAgents.

com is a service that helps users find incredible real estate agents. At you can find real estate agents by typing in your location by city or zip code or you can search by the real estate agent’s name or code. When you conduct a search a list of names will appear along with the profile photos. The profile includes contact information and a questionnaire where agents answer questions such as: “Why do you enjoy being a real estate agent?” and “What is your best characteristic?” The questionnaire helps give users an idea or how experienced the agent is and what their personality is like. Users can directly contact the agent by emailing them. The agents profile can include reviews along with other ratings which helps users decide whether or not they are interested in using the agent. gives real estate agents a great opportunity to promote their services and network to make new contacts and eventually to get new clients. can be a great service for people interested in buying or selling their home and is a great way for agents to network.

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More – Home Of Motorcycles For Sale

  • June 5, 2008

ClassyBikes.comWould you like to buy a classic motorcycle? Are you a fan of vintage Harley Davidson bikes? is an online store specialized in providing a large collection of used classic motorcycles on sale. Classy Bikes offers a variety of different types of classic motorcycles for you to buy, including Harley Sportster and Suzuki Intruder, among others.

On you can find different types of vintage and classic used motorcycles on sale at affordable prices. On this site you will find different models of Harley Davidson bikes on sale, as well as other major brand classic motorcycles.

Are you looking for Harley Davidson bikes on sale? Would you like to buy a Harley Sportser motorcycle? If that happens to be the case, you have come to the perfect site. In conclusion, if you are looking for classic motorcycle on sale at affordable prices, this website might be worth a try.

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More – Great Books

  • May 30, 2008 is the official site of the book publishing company Macmillan, for its imprints of Tor and Forge trade names. If you like reading and want to see the new book releases of Macmillan, then enter this site and browse their online catalog.

Take a look at the best sellers, and search by category for the top selling books and best selling authors. New fiction books are available, along with fantasy, science, thriller books, and many other genres. You can browse for Tor best selling authors, as well as for Forge best sellers. Browse by book categories, authors, or imprints to find the book you want to read. features the new book releases for this publishing company, and lets you also take advantage of the internship programs. If you are interested in checking out the best selling books and the best selling authors of the literature and publishing industry, then you might visit

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More – Power Tools For Power Sellers

  • May 19, 2008 is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider.

If you are a power seller, you can manage your auctions with services. You will be able to read an overview of products so you can start getting familiar with them. You will see the product benefits, the features, and the pricing. To get started, you can watch a promotional training DVD; you just need to sign up at no charge in order to get it. You can also register by filling out a form and begin a 30 days free trial. There is a news page where you will find information, news, and updates regarding the auction business. There is also a customer support section with tutorials, an learning center, and more. You can also join the affiliates program and earn commissions. There are two different levels of affiliates; they depend on the needs of all the participants. Check out for more info.

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More – Stone Sellers And Buyers MarketPlace

  • May 3, 2008

Findstone.comStone is a natural commodity, and the stone industry is vast and covers suppliers and buyers all over the world. Some ten years ago one man within the stone industry tired of the difficulty that he was having when it came to tracking down the right suppliers and buyers for stone products around the world.

In nineteen ninety eight the web site was formed with the simple yet effective name of Now, some ten years later this database contains the information of ninety percent of the stone industries companies, which number around thirty thousand industry names in one directory. The site has developed into not only a directory, but an expert advice centre as well. If you are looking to buy stone products you would be well advised to check out this site and see which companies can offer you the products you require. Searching is made quite painless by all the guidance that the web site provides you.

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More – Trying to Out-do eBay

  • April 30, 2008

Wigix.comWigix which stands for Want It Got It eXchange, is prepared to be what eBay is not. It’s an online marketplace that does away with hidden fees.

The setup is inspired by financial market price matching—buyers and sellers can list the prices they want to see, thus eliminating auction scams and giving sellers a competitive edge. The fees charged are as follows: items sold for $25 or below aren’t charged a cent, above that and up to $100 $1.50 is charged to both seller and buyer. For items above $100 there is an added 2% tacked on. Eventually the site will add a ticker showing recent transactions along with charts showing the movement of prices. Even if you don’t sell anything Wigix is giving away cash to so called homesteaders—those who help build the site’s catalog, earning 5% of the revenue. Users may also become category experts, keeping items in one’s category accurate, thus earning you 1% of that category’s revenue. Soon to come are persona storefronts. In the meantime, Wigix is homing to become the next eBay, in fact users can already import their eBay catalogues.

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More – Buy Low Or Sell High

  • April 25, 2008

Mystore.comDon’t be so quick to go and trash your old bed or bed frame the next time you want to splurge on the new mattress and bed frame. At the same time, do not be so sure that the nearest discount wholesaler can give you the best deal on your new entertainment set that you want to fulfill your dreams. is a site where you can set up an online shop in just 5 minutes of your time. Once you do, you can start to liquidate your items in no time after you create a name for your store. Simply upload the photos to your store and then you can start selling right away. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this site either. Even the novice can navigate their way around this site and making deals in no time. This site allows customers to deal directly with each other and eliminates the middle man.

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More – ADSAQ Buying and Selling Desk

  • April 2, 2008

Exchange.Contextweb.comADSDAQ connects publishers and advertisers and gives publishers control over their pricing. If you are a publisher and you want a CPM price that reflects the quality of your ads you can do so at ADSDAQ.

Google and Yahoo have set prices but ADSDAQ AskPrice allows you to set your price. Once you have set your price you can see what percentage of impressions ADSDAQ estimates you will sell at that price. ADSDAQ allows you to provide backup tags so that the unsold impressions can be sent to other networks that you work with such as Google Adsense. You can maximize your exposure by placing the ADSDAQ Ad tags on your site. The majority of the ads at ADSDAQ are graphic but there are future plans of including text ads as well. If you are looking to buy ads you can rest assure that ADSDAQ will place the ads on content that is relevant to the product that is being sold. There is no spillage with ADSDAQ because ads are only placed on relevant content which is not always the case when you buy from networks or direct sites. ADSDAQ partners with top publishers and has a strong network of sites. ADSDAQ accepts many forms of media and can start a campaign within five days. ADSDAQ provides great opportunities for both publishers and advertisers.

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More – A Global Wholesale Fashion Marketplace

  • February 22, 2008

erayo.comAre you looking for a jewelry wholesale marketplace? Do you want to buy or sell bracelets with charms and gold earrings online? If that is the case, could be the right site for you to visit. On this site you can browse a complete fashion jewelry catalog that includes diamond earrings and bridal jewelry.

Additionally, on you can also buy and sell bath and beauty products, as well as furniture, handbags and home decor. You can also visit this online store to find jewelry pieces, including jewelry for men and cross necklace, in addition to gold earrings and bracelets with charms.

Therefore, if you want to buy or sell jewelry pieces and furniture, as well as clothing and home decor, you just need to visit Erayo. Remember this site next time you need to buy or sell any of these products online. You can register to for free.

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More – Image hosting

  • February 9, 2008

Ssb9.netIs your auction page not looking as good as you think it should? Do you want to make it outstand from others? Seeking for the best layout for auction site? At the Sellers Source Book you can get everything you need to learn about of how to make your auction site more appealing for buyers. On this site you can find a large number of different templates that will give your web page a unique and more original look.

The category of templates you can get at this site is very wide and some of the classifications that include are children, floral, sports, holidays and many more. The rates for signing up to this web page are also available on the site and it has many different prices depending in the service you will like to get. Visit this site and start improving your auction web page!

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More – Australia Directory

  • November 16, 2007 you want to find information about businesses in Australia? If that is the case, Australian Newsagency Blog could be a good option to keep in mind. In case you are looking for accurate data about businesses for sale, this site might be a useful website to visit. This site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to finding advice to buy a business.

In addition, allows you to learn everything about a newsagency, that includes information about portfolios and topics related to economics. This website will let you browse for information about businesses for sale, as well as advice to help you buy a business in a smart way. features information on everything regarding a newsagency, that includes information about businesses for sale and more. Then, whenever you need information on how to buy a business, you can try out.

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More – B2B Marketplace

  • November 12, 2007 is a B2B marketplace dedicated to assists buyers and sellers and help them trade with each other, providing a familiar, trustworthy and transparent platform.

On this site you can search for suppliers, post trade offers, test market products, promote your brand, and conduct business, among others. Their catalog offers over 100,000 products. They also offer personalized assistance not only to buyers but also to sellers. Sellers’ benefits include test marketing of their new products, finding global buyers for their products, and the possibility to setup their catalog to be available 24/7, among others. Buyers’ benefits comprise finding manufacturers and suppliers, identifying new products for their market, the possibility of establishing long term association with companies for distribution, and much more.

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More – Buy and Sell Properties

  • October 24, 2007 is a company committed to allowing consumers to buy and sell property for sale by owner without paying commission.

Your source for selling a home on your own. They make the home selling process a cinch. On the site, buyers and sellers can find information on the following services: properties for sale or rent, interior design, financing, and remodeling. is a residential property network offering customers property listings, directly connecting buyers and sellers of homes without charging a real estate broker’s commission. More over, they offer customers a home selling guarantee. The Company drives potential property buyers to its website and its magazines in order to help sellers generate interest in their property. It also, provides customers with the ability to list their properties in the Multiple Listing Service for a flat rate. Last but not least, users are enabling to list property anywhere in North America and to browse its database of properties for FREE!

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More – Solutions for Auction Sellers

  • October 14, 2007 is a developer of tools for auction sellers.

Their View Tracker can tell exactly how your visitors found you, what key words they have searched for, how much time they spend on your auction, the best time of the day to sell and much more. Once you know how your auction visitors behave, you can take advantage of it. In order to use this service you must become a member and you will be charged $49 or $89 for advanced enterprise users. When you register you select a user name and a password, then you can log in to your account and you will get a tracking code. You can sign up free for newsletter to receive news on current and upcoming projects and comment on the online auction industry.

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