More – Offering A Filter To Your Customers

  • April 26, 2010

Sellector.comIf you have an online store and you want to let your customers have a more focused experience on the whole (and have them walking completely satisfied at the end of it all), a service like Sellector might just do the trick.

In general terms, it is a service whereby you can let clients apply a filter to the items that can be procured on your online store.

The way it all works is by moving a series of sliders that will let them pinpoint exactly what they are looking for upon first landing on your online store.

For example, if the customer wants to buy a new shirt that costs under 30 US$ he can specify that price range, and he can also set down the color of the shirt he is after, etc. This effectively means that he won’t have to weed through endless pages of items that differ completely from what he had in mind to begin with.

As a system, the Sellector has the added advantage of being applicable to just any kind of store. You can sell handbags, comics, sports gear… it makes no difference – this tool will be compatible with your current storefront from the word “go”.

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