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  • October 4, 2010

SellAround.netSo many new ways of selling products online have been devised that suddenly something that was once as superb as eBay now looks like a slow-moving dinosaur. Anything that takes advantage of the ready dynamicity of the Social Web gives it a true run for its money.

Which brings me to this new website.

Sell Around gives people a new alternative for selling products of any kind online. The site lets anybody create a widget that he can proceed to spread all over these social websites which he frequents the most often.

This stands as a great way for artists to promote and market what they do online – the widget itself becomes nothing short of a banner and a cashier at the same time. The one who wants to buy what is being offered simply has to click on the banner in order to carry out the transaction.

All the main sites and platforms one thinks of when the Social Web is mentioned are supported – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress… There is no corner of the Internet that couldn’t be reached by this platform.

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