More – The Way It Feels Being An Entrepreneur

  • April 7, 2010

Selfport.comDo you have what it takes to become a social entrepreneur? This site will let you find the answer to that question, and without you having to invest a single cent at all. Generally speaking, it revolves around a game in which your entrepreneurial skills will be put to the test.

All you have to do is join (or log in via Facebook Connect) and let everybody know what you can do. That is done by uploading videos or related media where you showcase your abilities.

And note that if you are more of a critic than an entrepreneur and you already know it, you can join the site as a judge and venture your opinion on any of the other contestant’s contributions.

It is vital to stress that the site is still at an early stage. It eventually hopes to move beyond the present phase and let each user create a sort of microcosm where he can promote what he does and generate an income. If he wants to generate one, that is. The site will always lend itself to philanthropic uses, and the improving of socio-economic conditions all over the world.

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