More – Talk With Others On The Spot

  • August 19, 2009

SeekSpeak.comIf you ever feel like chatting a bit and don’t know who to turn to, this website is going to let you get away with it and talk till you fall out of breath. Rather, it will let you chat away until your fingertips could use a pair of bandages.

In general terms, on this site you can submit a topic using an input box and (if you are lucky) meet other people who are interested in that very same subject, and who are online right there and then. If that is the case, a chat session will be started and the person who has searched the same term you searched will be nominated as your partner.

As well as letting you carry out specific searches, the user (IE, you) can look at related concepts that have cropped recently. That way, if you are feeling truly garrulous and wish to talk with somebody come what may you will still be able to do it.

As you can imagine, this service is wholly free, and it is also web-based in its entirety. Keep it in mind if you want to banter a little and don’t know where you could find a partner that shares your same interests, and you don’t want to spend a a fortnight looking for one.

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