More – The Sedgwick County Zoo Site

  • July 8, 2008

Scz.orgThis is the website of the Sedgwick County Zoo. It was established by the volunteer efforts of civic-minded citizens who formed the Sedgwick County Zoological Society in 1963.

By browsing the categories located at the top of the homepage, you will learn more about what this zoo is about, its animals, the news and events, and more. By becoming a member you will get a full year of unlimited visits. At this site you can compare the cost of gate admission per visit to the value of a membership. The Sedgwick County Zoo Education Department exists to interpret nature for Zoo guests. This is accomplished through informing their community and guests about animals, their relationship with their environment, and their responsibility toward animals. also provides you with information that will help assist you in the planning of your event and the celebration of your child’s birthday. If you want, you can become a part of this too, so learn more about it at the Getting Involved category.

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