More – Bake A Cake

  • April 23, 2008

Cakeanswers.comThe sumptuous and delicious taste of a cake during the summer time is beyond description. You have probably thought about making and baking your own cake, but you are intimidated by the complexity of the process.

So far, you have opted to go to the local grocery store and pick up a cake from there. will empower you with the know-how and the instructions so that your next cake can contain some home made goodness. By simply signing up with your email address, you will be learning and applying the secrets of cake making very soon. Once you have mastered the art of baking your cake, you can also learn how to get the icing just perfect for your next masterpiece. Learn all the tips from this site so that at your next birthday party or big event, your cakes will be the talk of the town. will give you the cake making secrets that will have your friends and family lusting for one your cakes.

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More – Curiosity Killed The Cat

  • April 23, 2008

Occultopedia.comFor some, life’s mysteries just need to be answered. Others are not so interested in asking “why” about unexplained phenomenon.

But for the curious minded out there, the paranormal, the unexplained, and the occult hold a special intrigue. is the online index of all things occult and mysterious. This site is a virtual encyclopaedia of weird phenomenon and will answer all your questions about your favourite phenomenon. Apart from the occult, there are other areas of interest for the curious, the new age buffs, and sceptics alike. You simply can search through the alphabetized topics and then you will be learning all about the amazing world of the occult. Join a forum to become a real expert on the topics through the site. You can also shop from the site to get your favourite occult novelty or publication. For the artistically inclined, there is also some graphic art available to look through. can satisfy your deepest and darkest questions about the unexplained.

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More – Free, Anonymous Tweets

  • April 14, 2008

SecretTweet.comBy now, you’ve probably heard about Twitter, the little mashup app that could. Twitter has taken and conquered the world of net communication by storm.

Of course, an app is only successful as the number of widgets and spin-off apps it inspires And Twitter has inspired a legion of Twitter apps. One of these is SecretTweet. SecretTweet lets you post your Tweets anonymously. It’s akin to PostSecret but with a Twitter twist. Anybody can post a Tweet secret. You don’t even need a Twitter account to do so. So if you’re dying to tell the Twitterverse about a crush, or how much you hate your boss, feel free. The only thing collected from SecretTweet is you ip address. You can enjoy the latest secrets on the site. Search by tag or simply browse.

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More – Math Tips & Secrets

  • February 23, 2008

Do you have troubles in your math lessons? Do you want to learn the secrets your teacher uses in order to make those quick operations? Then you might check out this site and see what it can do for you because it could be just what you are looking for. provides a wide and helpful range of math-related topics in order to help you in your math learning and solve any kind of problem you may have.

This math help portal contains interactive lessons, homework help and worksheets to assist you on anything you may need regarding to math. It also counts with an optional newsletter so as to be informed about the latest math news and site updates. is helpful to students, teachers and parents, dividing the information according to the level of help required. To enhance the training, a good amount of games is available, by which your kids will be able to entertain themselves while they practice some math excercises.

These online games are very fun and with nice and entertaining graphics, and they require math operations to play them. The amount of games available is quite high, so children can play for a long time and later surprise their teachers and classmates with the skills acquired by a more fun method that just doing the dull homework.

The F.A.Q. section gives guidance on different issues that parents might face while helping their children on their learning, or concerning the site’s performance on each computer and troubleshooting to get over this kind of problem.

With the best tips for you to improve your math learning or your kids’, this site will definitely help you, so head right now to this place and start having fun while learning!

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HadToSay – A Boon for Secret Admirers

  • February 1, 2008

HadToSayYou’ve got a crush, an I-saw-you-with-the-dark-brown-hair-and-blue-eyes-at-the-water cooler-on-the-7tth floor-and-we-had-a-good-laugh- kind of connection but don’t really want to go the crass Craigslist route, and are too shy to approach in person. What to do? Try HadToSay, the new approach to secret-admiredom.

HadToSay lets you send your crush an anonymous email or give him or her a printed notification. The message contains an ID # as well as a PIN to see the message. Should you choose to respond, you can start a conversation with your secret admirer. Who knows maybe something spectacular will come out of it. The uses of HadToSay are plentiful: confess your love, flirt, tell off your boss, send anonymous chain letters. If you don’t really want to declare your love, you can view others secret letters.—all messages are public. So be careful what you say. It’s simple to use and free, just sign up and send your secrets.

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More – Tell the World Your Secrets

  • January 4, 2008

SharedConfession.comThink of SharedConfession as a sort of group confessional. Rather than confiding in your local ordained priest, you confide in the community.

Confess your deepest, dirtiest, most shameful secrets and see if the people respond. Each confession is posted Digg style on the homepage and other confessors will rate your revelation according to their interest dip stick. The most titillating and interesting confessions get top bill. Tepid, mundane admissions get buried. Confessions are assigned to one of nine categories, seven of which can be classified as deadly sins (greed, glutton, wrath, etc) and the other two cover everything else. As with any other social network, you’ll get an account and username (try not to use your real name to avoid embarrassment); all your confessions are aggregated. You can make confession buddies. If you’ve found a particularly scandalous tell all, subscribe to his/her RSS feed and never miss a beat. Pictures can be added to make your confession all the more scintillating.

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More – Tell the world your secrets

  • May 22, 2007

HappyCampr.comIf you want to find quality African fabrics, Middlesex Textiles could be of help to you. You should stop by this site, in case you want to find voile lace, quickly. If you are looking for Swiss voile, this could be a useful website to visit.

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More – Secret confessions, rants, and a dangerous guessing game

  • March 10, 2007

SocialMoth.comAre you into genetics? If that is so and you are looking for free information and resources it seems like this website might be worthy of a try. is a free site that offers you the chance to read useful and interesting information regarding gene tests and researches as well as laboratory testings.

On this free online genetics database you can read articles about genetics clinics and labs in the United States, the latest genetic breakthroughs and about cystic fibrosis and hereditary cancer among other genetic diseases. Then, all those looking for genetic information can stop by

Are you looking for free online genetic resources? Then, feel free to visit Gene Tests and browse the site to read articles about genetic researches and breakthroughs as well as hereditary cancer and cystic fibrosis. Take into consideration in case you are looking or information about genetic labs in the United States.

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