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More – Keeping Identities Safe Worldwide

  • January 29, 2008

HideMyAss.comNo, get your mind out the gutter. HideMyAss is not like that.

Despite the funny name, HideMyAss is a handy little site that lets you get pass your work or school filters easily. It’s a proxy service that promises to hide your online identity so you can view the latest coverage on Heath’s unfortunate demise on TMZ or Gawker. You can check your MySpace or watch Tom Cruise wax poetic on Xenu. You can thwart hostile governments and surf freely. It works by hiding your IP address and is part of a network of web proxy sites under the umbrella of The Privax Network. HideMyAss also includes a widget option which lets you put a web proxy from your own website. The widgets shows a list of web proxy sites so that you and your visitors can go directly to a proxy URL. The best part? It’s free to hide your ass.

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