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  • October 23, 2009

SecondPorch.comIt would be nice if each time you went on a vacation you could rent to and from people you are familiar with and that you actually trust. What if I told you that there is a website where you can find reliable people in order to accomplish this goal? Second Porch presents a totally original conception when it comes to finding new options in the vacation rental marketplace.

The system makes it possible for you to find other reliable owners you can get in touch with in order to do business and trade homes. One of the most interesting features you can be benefited by if you give this site a visit is that you can find the house you need in no more that 5 minutes, being able to make use of a simple application that makes it easier for you to use the advantages of a dynamic service based on social interaction.

You can make an accurate search for the property you want by map or location, as well as by the different services you can get on it. In addition to this, you can search by price or by relationship. This is a novel way to find trusted vacation homes that owned by people you are acquainted with in a simple way.

Using the power of Facebook, this solution gives you the possibility to see the face of the property’s owner you are going to deal with. Due to the fact that this site is based on social interaction you will have the chance to establish conversations with users and read comments from other people about the system and the properties. Feel free to stop by this site to learn more about it.

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