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More – Manage Web Content From Your Desktop

  • June 1, 2007

Jaxtop.comJaxtop is one of the new “Web OS” applications, think of it as a similar but flipped version of DesktopTwo. Jaxtop acts as a means in which to access your web content directly from your desktop.

The platform allows users to store content, and personalize, share, and publish this content. Absolutely no downloads or plug-ins are required to use this service, which means you can access and use your second desktop from any computer, anywhere with internet access. Microsoft Windows built-in Active Desktop feature allows users to view online content directly from desktop, or if you prefer not to use this feature, active desktop also adapts to most web browsers.

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More – It´s WebOS, Your Secondary Desktop

  • May 30, 2007

DesktopTwo.comSome have already dubbed Desktoptwo “WebOS,” considering it looks, feels and smells exactly like your computer, but now wrapped in into one browser window, accesable from any device that has an internet connection. That means you can also access your second desktop on your mobile phone, recieve all of your personal information programs, applications, documents.

So, what does this mean? This means the next time your on the go, on a business trip, you will no longer need to bring your entire laptop with you. You can access DesktopTwo from any location, and since there is no localized installation for DesktopTwo, you will have it whenever, whenever, in a snap. Your browser requirements are plug-in flash ,acrobat reader, java, and a pop-up blocker.

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