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  • March 5, 2008

SeattleSchools.orgIf you live in Seattle or you will soon live there, this page is the tool you need. For those parents that need a hand to decide which school is the best for your children, seattleschools.

org is the help you need. With a huge list of public schools, this site is the prefect instrument to find your children best school. Just enter what you are looking for: High School, Middle School, Elementary School or Alternative School. On the page the user will find information about the enrollment in every school, important information for the parents about the documents they need, the rules, and even more. Also this site allows the user to have access to the different programs these schools might offer. This pages layout is well organized and complete for the user to have an easy access to what they are looking for. And what is more, this page has the option to be read in a different language rather than only English. There are more options that you are thinking of.

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