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  • May 13, 2009

WhatsTheWait.mobiJust the other night I went to a (popular) restaurant with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a Friday night and it was packed.

We ordered more or less immediately, and 45 minutes elapsed. Those who had arrived after we had occupied our places started being served before we did, and my friend simply stood up, walked to the waiter and told him, “OK, leave it at that, we are going”. We wasted 45 minutes there, and although we had a chance to talk and catch up on what had gone on during the time we hadn’t seen each other, that is beside the point. Had we known about that, we would have headed someplace else to begin with. And a service like this one would have let us known about that.

Basically, What’s The Wait lets you learn everything about waiting times all over the United States. Furthermore, you can read restaurant reviews that come from the Yelp community. The search process is as simple and intuitive as it can be – you just key in the type of food you are interested in or the name of the venue, and then enter the City or State. The resulting information will be sent to your mobile, and hopefully it will let you avoid wasting a lifetime away due to lame service.

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