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  • October 6, 2009

TheSeatBuddy.comAs useful as an iPhone certainly is, there are people who propound it could be even more useful and that is why solutions like Seat Buddy are being developed. This particular system does not modify the iPhone per se- rather, it modifies the way that you interact with it.

You see, seat buddy is a sort of holding case that will let you keep the display of your iPhone within sight no matter what you have got your hands on. The most obvious example: you can use it to have the iPhone in full sight while you are driving, and your hands are firmly placed on the wheel. Other uses for this strap include having a meal while watching a movie, and also avoid the iPhone come thumping down when you are on a plane that its a pocket of turbulence.

If you want further information about this tool, checking the site is a must if only because that is the only place where you will be able to see some photographs and have an immediate appreciation of the way it is best employed. A solution like this one is nothing really that groundbreaking, but nobody thought about it first so credit where it is due.

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