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  • October 17, 2007

www.SearchVideo.comTruveo is one of the largest video search engines on the Web. Truveo is the search engine that powers many of the Web’s most popular video destinations.

Truveo currently powers video search for AOL, Microsoft Corporation, CNET’s, Brightcove, Qwest, Kosmix, CSTV, Infospace, Excite, and hundreds of other applications worldwide. You can start your browse by category, you can choose between News, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Movies, Tv Shows, Channels, User Favorites and Video for Sale. Or you can check out the top videos on Truveo, the top ranked, most view at the moment, most view at the day, at the week, month and more! Finally you can type in the search engine if you’re looking for some video in particular. This website also offers you the possibility to upload your own videos. So, watch and share video! Enter

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